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How to become a Graphic Designer in 2021

In this blog post, I will guide you about what is Graphic Design? And also give you a guideline that how you become a graphic designer in 2021.

If you are worried about the highly expensive Universities that offer a graphic designing course, then read this blog to the end. You will learn much more from this.

In the age of technology and digital system, it is necessary to move toward a field which is according to the need of current time. If you observe the thing that you have in your houses most of them are designed graphically.

If graphic design is used in everything, everywhere then obviously every industry and every brand needs a graphic designer.

There are many platforms where you work even online or offline, it’s your choice.

What is Graphic Design

Graphic designing is an art in which we make designs with the help of photography, typography, and also hand-made drawing through ideas and experiencing.

It is a process of visual content and textual to communicate some message through illustrations.

Graphic designing is all about colors, textures, size, and shapes.

Graphic designers create new things through ideas, images, typography, fonts, and symbols. Graphic designs are mostly used by companies, brands, and websites.

How to Become a Graphic Designer

If you think you can express you feel better through some symbols, GIFs better than your words. You can dedicate yourself to a graphic designer.

But the problem of most people is that they have no idea where they learn graphic designing.

There are two ways to become a designer. You can learn from anywhere.  These ways are:

  1. From Universities
  2. Without University of Self Learning

1.How to become a Graphic Designer at University

One who wants to become a graphic designer could take admission to any university that offers graphic design.

They completely guide their students on how to work and think like a designer. They train their students in such a way that they can create new ideas which are highly valuable in this field.

They create skills of typography, calligraphy, painting, logo designing, and design banners.

2.How to become a Graphic designer without going to university

This way is quite not easy. But nothing is in this world. If you want to be a designer but you don’t have a huge amount of money to pay Universities for the degree. Don’t be hopeless. In the modern age of the internet, it is so simple.

You can see many channels on youtube that give services to train youth without any fee.

Go on youtube, search about graphic designing channels and pick someone whom you think is a good teacher or a good trainer. They died to give you a degree but they can teach you about every skill that you need as a designer.

I think skill is more important.

If you want to learn you can visit which offering a free graphic designing course.

Which is a more important skill or degree

The degree is like a visa. If you have a visa you can go everywhere. But if you have no skills then your degree has no value.

For example, if a company hires you as a designer based on your degree, but you have no creativity then soon you will b fired.

On the other hand, if you are a good player in your field then nobody can move you from your position. Skills are more valuable. If you have skills but no degree, then you can work even offline or online.

Difference between offline and online working

Offline working means you can do a job as a graphic designer in a company, also you can teach in University or College that offers graphic design. If you choose to work offline, and you apply for a job then at 98% of places you will b judged by your degree, skills will also b checked out.

Online working means you can work as a freelancer. It’s the best opportunity for designers to show their ability. Here your skills are important, even you can work without a degree.

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Graphic Designer Skills

When you apply for a job, you will be hired for a post according to your skills. If you have a degree in Graphic Designing but lack skills, your degree is just garbage. You will only be qualified for a job when you are a master in skills related to your field.


The skill that is mostly seen in interviews is communication skill. If you are a good speaker then you can convince anyone from your words.

Your communication, your confidence can impress a person in front of you. You must be able to explain your points to others, and understand other’s thoughts, interests and needs.

Knowledge about Softwares

Mostly two software’s are used for designing. One is Adobe illustrator and the 2nd is Adobe photoshop. You should be master in these two software’s and have a full grip on every tool that you will need for designing.

You also need a piece of knowledge about any error. If any of the tools are not working then you must be able to remove the error occurring in the tool.


Designing is all about creativity and innovation. If you are creative then you can design in effective ways.

Creativity is not just to write a new thing, you can edit images, design logos, banners business cards, wedding cards, etc creatively. If you are creative, you have a solution to any problem related to your profession.


Typography is a very important factor in graphic design. It is used in logos, images containing quotes, even in symbols, greeting cards, banners, etc.

A suitable font makes perfection in a design. Colors, fonts, shapes are about to be used in every design. It is for you how you manage these factors in your design.

Qualities of a Great Graphic Designer

  • The most important quality of a good designer is communication. Communication affects more. Designers can communicate with clients and understand the demand of clients. And ask questions about the design that a client needs. If you are a good communicator then there is more chance that clients hire you.
  • Love for the profession is another quality. If your passion is your profession then you are guaranteed success in your field.
  • Challenge yourself is also a quality of a good designer. If you design something, after some weeks still you like that design it’s means you are not improving yourself. Challenge yourself and create new things day by day.
  • The designer should be punctuated. To complete work at a time. If you complete your order within the given time. So your client would be satisfied with you. And next time he hires you.
  • The designer should have the ability to problems solving.

What does a Graphic Designer do?

Everything around you is graphically designed. Graphic designers make logos, banners for brands, companies, and websites. Also design mobile applications, computer software, magazines, newspapers, book covers, wedding cards, marketing material, wraps, business cards, etc.

They create new designs through digital illustrations and photo editing.

Salary of a Graphic Designer

Graphic design work as a photo editor, web designer, banner designer, logos designer, animator, etc. As a Graphic designer, you can choose your job according to your skill.

According to a survey Salary range of a designer by experience in Australia 2019 is about 120 thousand Australian dollars.

A medium experienced designer can earn 45,000$ to 55,000$ in the United State on average. For more detail, you can check the graphic designer’s estimated salary report by 99designs.

You can choose freelancing as a job. Your client hires you based on your experience and your portfolio. You can earn about $24 per hour.

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