Mobile phones possess a vital role in the field of education. Although technology has changed the face of education, so the benefits of mobile phones in education should not be ignored when considering improving the quality of education and educating people in remote areas.

As the use of smartphones has been growing rapidly, at this time everyone carries a mobile phone all the time. The mobile phone is such a device that replaces laptops and desktops and provides too much facility to the users. Because smartphones are portable devices and easy to use so they facilitate the users towards free education and information resources.

Indeed technology is changing the face of education. Is it a good idea to use cell phones as a learning tool?

Generally, a cell phone is such a valuable tool having a lot of benefits in the learning process. The use of the mobile phone in the classroom can motivate the students during lectures and increase their interest in studies. It helps to engage the students during the lecture.

Furthermore, mobile phones provide many facilities for students in learning and explore new things, which we will discuss in this article.

What are the benefits of mobile phones in education?

Have you ever think if we have qualified teachers and a better education system then why do we need smartphones as a learning tool? Why mobile phones are important and how they are used in education?

The reason is that mobile phones improve the knowledge of students and develop creativity among them. It is quite easy to teach students in some interesting ways for their better understanding.

Moreover, through the use of social media, it is quite interesting to deliver lectures and easy for students to understand.

Here is a list of some benefits of mobile phones in education. After reading this you will understand how mobile phones positively affect your study and educational life.

1. Comfortable way of learning and improving knowledge:

Learning through a mobile phone is an easy and comfortable way. In past, we have to visit the library and search for a book we need but now, it is quite easy to access any library in the world. We can easily explore libraries by using the Internet and accessing the digital version of books.

Another reason for the use of mobile phones for learning purposes is that students can easily record the lectures during class. If they feel any problems they can easily play the recorded lecture. Also, they can share the recorded lectures with the absent students.

Through mobile phones, they can access the Internet for making assignments, presentations, and preparation for exams or any entry test.

Moreover, students can gain more knowledge other than course content. By using social media they remain up-to-date about current affairs which helps them to stay social.

2. Students can access educational apps:

Learning doesn’t up after the classroom.  Students can access educational apps for learning. They can enroll themselves in online courses and quizzes, which helps to increase their knowledge.

Other than these advantages, mobile phones allow students to personalize their learning experience and access online material. As a mobile phone is a portable device, it is easy to carry and start using everywhere so that you don’t need to carry books along with you all the time.

The benefit of mobile applications in education that helps students a lot with the availability.  Students can access educational apps at any instance when they need them. Also, they can learn ne2 language through mobile apps. According to research learning a new language through mobile applications is the most popular overall in the world.

3. Social learning

Mobile phones are tools that allow accessing social learning. Students can work on projects in groups even if they are apart from each other. Mobile phones allow them to work in groups and move toward a common goal.

Furthermore, they can share information using social apps. And access to more knowledge other than the national curriculum and remain up-to-date. The use of mobile phones allows teachers to develop a personal learning environment in the classroom. So, students can explore the internet and gather information about their courses.

4. Get answers quickly

As it is not easy to remember everything also, we can not carry our notes everywhere. Then, if someone asks any question then how you can answer quickly if you don’t remember or you have no information about that?

Mobile phones provide a facility that you can answer quickly. You can take pictures of your notes, carry books in digital form, and read them at any time you need. Moreover, you can explore the Internet for a quick answer if you do have not enough time to read the book.

Besides this, students can find their mentors from every corner of the world using social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

5. Improve communication and provide security:

As in the classroom, the time is very short and the strength of the class is high so the teacher cannot pay attention to every student. So it is quite impossible to answer the question of every student.

Through digital communication modes, students can send a text or voice msg to the teacher and ask questions. And teachers can easily reply when they are free. In this way, mobile communication helps students sort out their issues.

Moreover, they can stay connected with their friends and classmates, and easily share notes, assignments, and other information.

Through the use of mobile phones, students can also stay connected with their family members. Cellular phones allow them to inform their guardian where they are at that time. They can also inform them and every critical situation and can share the location for quick help.

6. Social entertainment

Mobile phones also entertain the students when they are getting bored. They can release their stress by watching movies, listening to music, and playing games. This can help students to remove stress, anxiety, and depression and keep them entertained.


Mobile phones have a lot of benefits in education and the student’s life. As mobile phones provide too many facilities to the students and teachers, they also cause distraction during class. It’s our responsibility to use it positively.

Mobile phones are simply a gadget that we use for different purposes. In the field of education, mobile phones prove to be very helpful for students in the learning process. As everything has some pros and cons, smartphones also have some disadvantages over advantages but their advantages can never be ignored if we want to make our youth creative and intelligent. Mobile phones facilitate students at every step and guide their careers.

But as many students become addicted to mobile phones it’s our responsibility to keep eye on their activities and motivate them to use their phones in the right direction.