How to add a Contact Us Page in Blogger: If you are a blogger and share post every day on your blog. It is important for you to create contact us page in your blog. It is easy for forthcoming visitors on your blog to contact us by creating this page. If visitors want to get any information they would consult with us.

Furthermore, if you want to add google ads on your blog you must have Contact us, Privacy policy and About us page on your blog.

Like WordPress, we do not get the plugins to do every work on blogger. Therefore we use THIRD PARTY SCRIPT to add widget individually on blogger. The default contacts us pages are available on new upcoming templates. We can add it to our blog by modifying it. Today I will tell you how you can Add a Contact Us Page in Blogger.

contact us page

How to add Contact Us Page in Blogger ?

To create contact us page on blogger blog first log in to Now a Blog Dashboard will be open in front of you.

1. Click on the page option, a new page will be open. Click on new page option from this page.


2. Assign contact our name to the title of the page.


3. Now select HTML mode of the page. Now paste the given code in HTML editor and publish this.

<div class=”widget ContactForm” id=”custom_ContactUsFromForBlogSpotBlogger”>
<div class=”contact-form-widget”>
Get in touch with us by filling out the form below.<br />
<div class=”form”>
<form name=”contact-form”>
Your Name
<br />
<input class=”contact-form-name” id=”ContactForm1_contact-form-name” name=”name” size=”30″ type=”text” value=”” />

Your Email
<span style=”font-weight: bolder;”>*</span>
<br />
<input class=”contact-form-email” id=”ContactForm1_contact-form-email” name=”email” size=”30″ type=”text” value=”” />

Your Message
<span style=”font-weight: bolder;”>*</span>
<br />
<textarea class=”contact-form-email-message” cols=”25″ id=”ContactForm1_contact-form-email-message” name=”email-message” rows=”5″></textarea>

<input class=”contact-form-button contact-form-button-submit” id=”ContactForm1_contact-form-submit” type=”button” value=”Send” />

<br />
<div style=”max-width: 222px; text-align: center; width: 100%;”>
<div class=”contact-form-error-message” id=”ContactForm1_contact-form-error-message”>
<div class=”contact-form-success-message” id=”ContactForm1_contact-form-success-message”>
<div class=”clear”>
<span class=”widget-item-control”>
<span class=”item-control blog-admin”>
<a href=”” target=”configContactForm1″ title=”Edit”>

Your contact us page has created.

How to add contact us page on the blogger home page?

If you want to add contact us page separately on the home page of the blog then you can directly add the widget.

1. Click on blogger dashboard layout.


2. Now click on add gadget on the place where you want to add contact us page.

3. Now click on the plus button to add contact form from the gadget.


Now your contact form is added in the blogger home page. You can see this.

Advantages of contact us page:

1 Visitors can contact directly with admin by this page.

2 It rates a good impression on visitors.

3 This page is important for the approval of the Google Adsense.

If you have any question related to this or any other topic you can comment in comment box. And if you have more information about contacting us page you can share with us.